Daily Steps on Our Spiritual Pilgrimage

The Roman Theater in Heiropolis, Turkey

The Roman Theater in Heiropolis, Turkey

Itinerary: 14 days, 2200 miles overland, an average of 3 hours driving time per day

Day One, Thursday (.5 hours of driving)
Fly in to Hatay, Turkey
Stay in Antioch (Antakya): .5 hours
Accommodations: Liwan Hotel
Theme: Saul in Antioch: A New Community and Calling
Visit: Ancient Cave Church of Antioch, Hatay Archaeological Museum

Day Two, Friday (3.5 hours of driving)
Antioch to Roman Road in Cilicia: 3 hours
Roman Road to Tarsus: .5 hour
Accommodations: Elif Hatun Konagi
Theme: Saul’s Hometown: Doing It Alone
Visit: Roman Road, St. Paul’s Well, Ancient Shop Street

Day Three, Saturday (7 hours of driving)
Tarsus to Anemurium (Anamur): 4 hours
Anemurium to Side: 3 hours
Accommodations: Yali Hotel
Theme: First Missionary Journey: Paul’s Call to the Gentiles
Visit: Ancient ruins of Side

Day Four, Sunday (3 hours of driving)
Side to Perga (Aksu): 1 hour
Perga to Egirdir: 2 hours
Accommodations: Nis Otel
Visit: Ancient Perga

Day Five, Monday (3 hours of driving)
Egirdir to Pisidian Antioch (Yalvac): .5 hours
Visit: Ruins of ancient Pisidian Antioch
Pisidian Antioch to Iconium (Konya): 2.5 hours
Accommodations: Konya Dervish Hotel
Theme: Paul and Barnabas in Galatia: The Gospel Takes Root

Day Six, Tuesday (2 hours of driving)
Iconium to Lystra (Hatunsaray): 2 hour round trip
Accommodations: Konya Dervish Otel
Theme: Paul and Barnabas under Pressure: Overcoming Kingdom Opposition
Visit: Unexcavated ruins of Lystra, Konya Archaeological Museum, Mevlana Mosque

Day Seven, Wednesday (5.5 hours of driving)
Iconium to Laodicea: 5 hour drive
Laodicea to Hierapolis (Pamukkale):  .5 hour drive
Accommodations: Venus Suites
Theme: Paul Multiplies Leaders: Making Disciples Who Can Make Disciples
Visit: Unexcavated site of Colossae, ruins of Laodicea

Day Eight, Thursday (3 hours of driving)
Pamukkale to Ephesus (Selcuk): 3 hour drive
Theme: Third Missionary Journey: Paul Establishes a Base for Breakthrough
Accommodations: Hotel Nilya
Visit: The ancient city of Ephesus, Temple of Artemis

Day Nine, Friday (2 hours of driving)
Ephesus to Cesme: 2 hours
Visit: Ephesus Archaeological Museum, Basilica of St John the Theologian
Theme: Second Missionary Journey: Paul Does What the Spirit is Doing
Ferry from Cesme to Greek island of Chios
Accommodations: The Aegean Rooms

Day Ten, Saturday
Ferry from Chios to Neapolis (Kavala)
Theme: Paul’s Macedonian Call: New Territory
Stay in Neapolis
Accommodations: Akontisma Village Hotel

Day Eleven, Sunday (4.5 hours of driving)
Neapolis to Philippi (Krenides): .5 hour
Philippi to Royal Tomb (Vergina): 1 hour
Vergina to Platamon: 1 hour
Accommodation: Kymata Hotel
Theme: Paul and Silas in Prison: Power Perfected in Weakness
Visit: Ruins of Philippi, Roman Agora in Thessalonica, Royal Tombs of Philip Museum

Day Twelve, Monday (4 hours of driving)
Platamon to Athens: 4 hours
Overnight in Athens
Accommodations: Sweet Home Hotel
Theme: Paul & the Philosophers: All Things to All People
Visit: Agora, Areopagus, Acropolis and Parthenon

Day Thirteen, Tuesday (1.5 hours of driving)
Visit: Athens Archaeological Museum
Athens to Corinth Canal, Cenchrea, Diolkos, Lechion
Accommodations: Enalio Suites
Theme: Paul Deploys Disciples

Day Fourteen, Wednesday (1.5 hour of driving)
Visit: ruins of Corinth, Acrocorinth
Accommodations: Enalio Suites
Theme: Paul in Corinth: Finishing the Race

Day Fifteen, Thursday (1.5 hour of driving)
Corinth to Airport: 1 hour
Depart from Athens for home!

Sunset over the Temple of Apollos in ancient Corinth, Greece

Sunset over the Temple of Apollos in ancient Corinth, Greece